Baby summer dress

pdf pattern (size 3-6+ months)
-1/2 yard fabric
-10″ of one inch elastic, cut into two 5″ pieces
First cut 4 bodice pieces from the free pattern. You’ll also need 2 strap pieces (10″ by 3″) and 1 skirt piece (7″ by 44″ for a top, 10″ by 44″ for a dress).
To make the straps, sew each rectangle into a tube. Turn and thread elastic through using a safety pin. Pin at each end and sew the elastic in place3
 Pin elastic straps 3/8″ in from the top of the bodice. Pin and baste. Then stack a second bodice piece over the first, right side facing down. Pin and sew the top edge and underarm edges. Trim seam allowance and turn. Then sew the other ends of the straps to the back bodice the same way. Sew side seams4
Gather the skirt using a baste stitch or a ruffler foot. You can also choose to pleat it. Sew up side seam
Attach to the bodice by pinning right sides together
Hem the bottom edge and you’re done! I added a little pocket to this one7

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