If you’ve never made bias tape before it’s pretty simple. Basically, bias tape is a strip of fabric that’s been cut at a 45 degree angle to the weave or grain. Placing your fabric flat you will fold one corner down at a 45 degree angle so you make a triangle shape like so:


I like to trim off the folded edge so I can start cutting from that end:5

In this example I’m making 1/2″ wide double fold bias tape. So the strips of fabric I need to cut are 2″ wide:7

I’m lucky that my big ruler is exactly 2″ wide….it makes it easy to cut continuous parallel cuts:8

Bias tape needs to be in one long continuous strip so you’ll need to attach as many pieces as needed until you get then length you need. Place two strips on top of each other right sides together as shown and sew straight across where the arrow is with your sewing machine:

Iron the seam flat:


And trim the edges flush:



Here are several pieces sewn together into one long length:11


You can use an extra long needle on your ironing board to  make bias tape too! In the example below I inserted the needle as shown so the gap between the two arrows is a tad bit over an inch. This will create 1/2″ double fold bias tape:12

Once my needle is ready, I cut the end of the long strip into a point:


I insert the point under the needle and pull carefully so the fabric begins to fold on either side:


Here you can see the bias tape being formed……


…and just iron it as it comes out the other side of the needle!16


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