Tiered Ruffle Baby Girl Dress

This Tiered Ruffle Baby Girl Dress Tutorial is absolutely adorable! It is perfect from babies to little girls and think of all the fabric combinations! Read more to learn how to make this cute dress.1

What You Need:

3 coordinating fabrics (amount will depend on size of dress you are making – if you are making a baby/toddler size you can probably get away with about 1/2 yard of each. If you are going bigger than that, get more like 1 yard of each.)

Small amount of lining fabric (in coordinating color)

2 Buttons

Here’s How:

First of all, print off the pattern pieces. Right now I have 2 sizes for you – Infant (about 3-6 months) and Toddler (12 month or so). If you need a different size I recommend finding a dress that fits your child currently and use it as a template to create this dress. Simply create a pattern just like the ones I have given you, but size it up to fit your child. I will be adding pattern sizes down the road.


With those pattern pieces, fold your main fabric in half, place the pattern piece on the fold and cut. You will have one piece of the front and one of the back. Then you need to do the same with the lining fabric so that you end up with 4 total pieces of cut fabric to create the top of your dress.

Now, grab the front piece of your dress and the front piece of the lining. Put right sides together and sew all the way around except across the bottom. Do the same with the back pieces. Turn right side out and press nice and flat.

With those 2 pieces that you just created, again, put right sides together and sew together on the sides. Turn the whole thing right side out.

The only other thing you need to do to complete your top is to sew your buttons in. Hand stitch the button in place on each strap and create a button hold on the dress bodice for the button to go through. And you’re done with the top!


To make the body you need to cut 3 long strips of fabric – one of each of your 3 fabrics.

You need to know how long you want your dress to be and then make your strips accordingly.

For the toddler size dress my strips are about 4 inches wide.

To determine the length, first measure your bodice width. (The toddler one is 10.5.”) Then use the following chart to figure out length:

Layer 1: 1.5 x the width of your bodice
Layer 2: 2 x the width of your bodice
Layer 3: 3 x the width of your bodice

Take your first strip, fold it in half and sew the ends together:


Then run a basting stitch along the top end, leaving the thread hanging nice and long at the end. (Do not knot the thread at the start or the finish.)

Gently pull one of the threads to create a gather in your fabric.


Pull and gather until it is the width of your bodice.

Insert the bodice of the dress into the gathered ruffle that you just created so that right sides are touching. Stitch all the way around the dress to sew the ruffle to the bodice top.


Now do the same with layers two and three, stitching them into place on the layer above them.

On the bottom layer sew a hem. Folded 1/4″ and press, then fold a 1/4″ again and press. Then stitch in place.7

Turn everything right side out:



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